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NEMOZ Consults Professional Services (N.C.P.S.) is a Tax, Audit, Management, and Financial Consulting company with competencies in Training, Developments, Advisory Services, Project Management, and General Contracts. We develop and offer a flexible range of enterprise and learning solutions to meet the specific needs of startups, mid-class, fast-growing, non-profit organizations, and government parastatals. We adopt a proactive approach, utilizing our international exposure to Assess, Design, Develop, and Implement Solutions that focus on specific issues facing our clients. We also support our clients to develop and sustain various levels of competencies and proficiencies in leadership and management.

We provide a full range of professional financial services that are competitively priced and tailored towards meeting our client’s unique needs. It ranges from Internal Audit, IT/System Audit, Statutory Audit, Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping, Forensic Accounting, Investigation, Corporate Governance, Payroll Management, Risk Management, Tax Consulting, Project Management/Evaluation, Business Evaluation, Pension Management, Investment Analysis, Data Analysis and Regulatory Compliance Consulting Services with unequally commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

At N. C. P. S; we are professionally-oriented and our brand provides bespoke services. We leverage on skills, knowledge, and passion for our firm and clients to serve them with uncompromising professionalism, cutting through the complexity to provide valuable insight in Nigeria and the world at large. We understand the complex demands clients face, so we offer a 360-degree view of their operations based on knowledgeable insights and deep industry expertise.

Over the years; We have successfully proffered professional solutions that have assisted our clients in maintaining their financial records and interpret details of their cumulative day to day transactions, as well as expertise in Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis & Modelling, Forensic Accounting & Auditing, Fraud Examination, Payroll Management, Tax Management, Software development, Automation and development of Human Resources, both in the Private and Public Sectors. Our consulting services promote efficiency and productivity.

Our Vision is to be the leading consulting firm that sets the highest standard of quality service aiming at cultivating professional competence and providing effective business and human capital solutions.

Our Mission at NEMOZ Consult is to provide exceptional client services utilizing the best and most effective technology with pride and integrity. We’re committed to the highest professional standards of quality with innovative and practical solutions based on best practices and current research.


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